Welcome to the new website for the Sacred Music program at St. Ignatius and St. Mary! Here, you will learn:

  • sound, no-nonsense Catholic Church teaching about proper sung prayer to God in the Sacred Liturgy;
  • the parts of the Sacred Liturgy that are to be sung by the priest, choir, and faithful;
  • resources for singers and non-singers to learn the basics of music and sung prayer at their leisure; and
  • opportunities for singers and instrumentalists of all skill levels to render fitting worship to the Lord using their divinely given talents.

As this website is under construction, please check back often for new additions!

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Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King, Year A (Nov. 20)

Mass Ordinary

For recordings of the Mass Ordinary, see this page.

Mass Propers and Hymns

For sound files of the hymns used for this Mass, click on the hymn title below:

  • Entrance:
    • Hymn: Alleluia! Sing to Jesus (GC 853/RS 914)
    • Introit: Dignus est Agnus, Revelation 5:12, 1:6 (Mode III Gregorian chant)
  • Responsorial Psalm: plainsong, mode V
  • Gospel Acclamation: plainsong, mode VII
  • Offertory:
    • Offertory: Póstula a me, Psalm 2:8 (Mode IV Gregorian chant)
    • Hymn: Where Charity and Love Prevail (GC 625/RS 747)
  • Communion:
    • Communion: Amen dico vobis: Quidquid, Matthew 25:40, 34 (Mode IV Gregorian chant)
    • Hymn: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (GC 540/RS 658)
    • Choral Anthem: Iesu, Rex admirábilius (Palestrina) [1]
  • Recessional Hymn: To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King (GC 488/RS 629)
  1. 8:30 only []
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